Let Her Be Holly

A great book for children and adults. Mystery and suspense fill each page. This book just keeps on selling.


Under The Starry Skies

This is a fantastic nativity story that will keep you child entertained and informed. With beautiful illustrations and creative writing, Sheba the donkey will give you a first hand account of most important event in history.

Terry Torch

Wanting to talk to your children about Halloween? Then this book is for you. It will open up the subject so that you can guide your children through this challenging time of the year.


My Son His Son

Christmas Special Offer

Susan’s latest book will be available late November just in time for the Christmas market. This book will change your life. Grab a bargain now and receive an early copy just before the release date.


News, Views, and Reviews

Temple Tantrum or Devoted Son?

Putting the Father First (Jesus in the Temple, Luke 2:4-52) 5 Part Series on Discipleship Author: Julia Grant We serve a mighty King who humbled Himself, entering into the world as both fully God and fully man to provide atonement Read more…

The Danger of Faith Without Works

The Dangers of Faith without Works By Julia Grant Understanding the relationship between faith, works, and salvation is very difficult. Historically Jewish religion was composed of many laws and regulations. Yet, embedded within their religious Read more…

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