Our Goal

To make sure that Christian writers can bring quality of writing and creative approaches to helping Christian charities.

Our Story

Beginning in 2017 we had one author Alistair Bates, Today we have four authors. Each writer came to work with Timeless Publications because it offered a distinctly different type of writing experience. The self published market is a difficult place to thrive. The cost of editing, formatting, creative design, publication and promotion is often prohibitive. It can also lack accountability. Yet, the traditional publishing route is often reserved for those already established and with marketing potential. The author is rarely in control of the benefits of their writing once the book has been published. We have many desires, the ultimate is to produce work that glorifies God. However, we want to make sure that others benefit too from our writing. That is why at least 25% of the retail price of every book sold, at events or on this website, is donated to Christian charities fighting social injustice. Timeless Publications has a non-profit trading company that attempts to resource the liberation of people, mind body, and soul. We are unashamedly evangelical and believe that Christ wants to set people free. In the last few months we have been able to donate approximately £1000 to the International Justice Mission. To find out more about our mission work www.releasingcaptives.co.uk

The Team

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Our Authors come from a variety of places, experiences and offering different insights. Yet, they bring a unique and compelling story to each of their books. Presenting the Christian faith in exciting, fresh and compelling ways, ranging from theological exploration, apologetics, Christian living and children’s story telling. The number of books they have written continues to grow each month.

Alistair Bates
Susan Jill Ream
Shirley Ballantine
Peggy Harvey
Joe Boyd


Freelance editors are worth their weight in gold. They spend hours analysing the text, offering suggestions and helping each author realise their potential. Here are just two of those we have worked with.

Renee De Assis
Erin Brown

Next Steps…

If you are an author who not only has a passion for biblical truth but also a desire to support Christian charities seeking and facilitating the liberation of people mind, body, and soul, then this is the printing house for you. Why not make contact with us, and we will explore the options together. We are not a vanity publisher, and we do not ask you to pay any fees upfront. We offer traditional publishing contracts. However, each script and the terms of publication are taken on an individual basis.