I have always been uncomfortable with the misuse of power. It is evident from the Scriptures that God hates social injustice. The problem with the perceived evolution of social morality is that we appear to be struggling with inequality, as much now, as we have done throughout human history.

We may have improved, in such areas, as gender but even then such advances have often been regional and at times superficial. We still have much to do in all areas of social injustice but alarmingly the intensity of human trafficking is a plight on all humanity. The human trafficking industry relies on deception, greed and moral distancing to abuse the vulnerable poor and defenceless.

Recently a young lady from our congregation become a legal intern at the International Justice Mission, in Washington DC. Her own career path changed as a result of what she witnessed in Cambodia. Whilst there the story was told of a young boy sold for $2.50. This life changing moment sadly reveals how cheap a life can be purchased for and demonstrates those who are willing to exploit for greed. It is also a cruel reminder that parents and guardians can be the victims of lies, manipulation and coercement, often believing that there children will be the recipients of a better life. Unfortunately in the West we busy ourselves and avoid prolonged reflection on their plight. However, it may be that things are changing.

The evangelical movement was once a little indifferent to the biblical mandate for social justice. Perhaps as a response to theological liberalism that emphasised social reform at the perceived expense of personal salvation. Today evangelicals are less suspicious of such reforms and no longer see them as a threat to message of personal salvation. Rather it is seen as a true outworking of our salvation. It is the fruit of a right relationship with God and not its root. We are saved for good works not as a result of good works.

Today we see the biblical mandate of being a voice for the poor and marginalised, to speak up for those who cannot often speak for themselves. This change of heart is to be applauded and encouraged.

As a consequence it is my desire to dedicate 30% of all the income generated by the sale of Behold Your Mother to the work of IJM. I know it isn’t much but it is a start. I will keep you updated on how things progress. As a famous chain store in the UK has said, ‘every little helps.’

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