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Finding a publisher is a painstaking process. Whilst we are a traditional publisher we understand how difficult and frustrating it can be for writers. Only 2% of all manuscripts submitted are printed, and the rejection felt by writers is immense. However, some vanity publishers will charge huge sums of money and there may not be much in the way of return. However, what we offer is slightly different and is designed for those who find themselves among the 98% who do not get a traditional publishing contract. It is called our Associate Author package and the details are found below.

Printing Package Basic
250 printed black and white books. Great for novels and non-fiction manuscripts.
Price includes delivery. Author must submit the finished manuscript and have the books formatted to the required standard. If there are any difficulties we will discuss how these can be resolved.
Maximum book size of 230mm by 155mm for the price quoted. Please email us for a quote if the book exceeds those dimensions.
Printing Package Premium
400 black and white books printed and delivered to your address.
Includes all specifications of the basic package PLUS
We will design your book cover and format the inner pages.
We will provide you will 2000 A5 designed flyers to promote your book.
This is a fantastic offer.