Does this digital world we live in create special challenges to
evangelize people? We say no. Education is no longer confined to a typical classroom with desks and blackboards. Online classes and courses are quickly becoming the new normal for gaining a valuable education.

We at the Timeless TheologicalAcademy are excited to bring convenience and quality online learning to you. In a world of developing technology, our students are not required to leave their families, cities, towns, or villages. Rather, in the comfort of your own home or church community, you can gain a high quality, highly respected theological education. Just as in a classroom, professional and skilled teachers provide you with fun and informative lessons, a better understanding of God’s Word, and much more! It is our desire to go into all the world and make disciples of all nationsfulfilling our evangelical heart for mission.
Here at Timeless Theological Academy (TTA), we yearn to bring you a lifetime of learning and experience. Our passion is to leave on you the same marks God has imparted on us throughout the years.